Business growth

Two positive pieces of news hit the streets this morning. The accountants BDO released their latest business trends report showing that business confidence is improving and has reached its highest level in nine months. The actual jump in confidence was the largest month on month figure since December 2009.

Also released were industrial output figures for the UK. While monthly growth figures were slightly lower than expected optimists have pointed to quarterly figures that show growth and that the trend is in the right direction.

Whether higher oil prices and continuing Euro problems will allow this to carry through is a moot point but it does show that there are maybe some green shoots out there.

As always the big question is how to finance this growth at a micro level? The banks are still stressed so it looks as though the opportunities are still there for invoice finance companies. Debt factoring is increasingly the solution for SME’s encountering problems in obtaining overdraft finance and it does not looks as though this is going to change any time soon.

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  1. Jeremy Lawrence says:

    My observation, for what it’s worth, is that there is a more positive attitude out there and a realisation that factoring is a good way of funding growth. Most of the businesses I speak to are on an upward curve and struggling to fund the new business that’s coming in. Many don’t even bother to talk to their bank because they know it will be a long time wasted to get a negative response. Once they have realised that factoring does meet their needs they are more than happy to embrace it. I believe this kind of funding will have a genuinely positive impact on the recovery of our economy.

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